Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Takes to the Water This Weekend

A celebration of Chinese culture is taking place in our home borough of Queens this weekend – the 24th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival comes to Flushing Meadows Corona Park (at Meadow Lake) Saturday, August 9 to Sunday, August 10. It’s another great opportunity to explore the rich ethnic kaleidoscope of New York City while you’re staying with us at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View!

Rain or shine, the event is happening from 9 am to 5 pm – and it’s free! Plus, our hotel is located just a 15-minute drive from Flushing Meadows or you can ride the 7 subway (the station is just a few blocks from us).

The annual multi-cultural experience – highlighted by more than 120 colorful and customized teak dragon boats from across North America, Chinese food, and performances of music, dance and martial arts – offers a window into the intriguing traditions of the country.

Click here for more information about the history of the festival, and explore the full schedule of events so you can plan your visit.

And, if the boat festival inspires you to take in more Chinese culture, ask our concierge to point you in the direction of amazing local restaurants or other experiences that will decidedly enrich your stay with us.

U.S. Tennis Open 2014 August 25 – September 8



us-open-2014-beach-towel-  The US Open 2014                                                                                                          

Most of the world’s major tennis matches have been played so far this year. New champions’ names are added to the list of best-in-the-world. But until they play the US Open, it’s still game on! This year’s prize money has risen to a record $38.3 million, with $3 million awarded to each of the singles winners.  Time to make your plans for this very special week in New York City. Holiday Inn Manhattan View is a first-choice as your plans are finalized. Space is still available–book now!

Billy Jean King Stadium is a short 7.8 mile drive from the hotel. The famous Number 7 subway’s station is within a few blocks from the hotel, dropping our guests right at the stadium. Private transportation can be reserved, and as far in advance as possible. Our staff is always ready to assist, answer all questions relating to your US Open experience.


Don’t forget–you also have everything else in NYC to enjoy during your stay. Be in Midtown in minutes for Broadway shows, museums and shopping on your list.  Tennis usually starts at 11am and 7pm each day–your  schedule fits right in the middle!  Relax in our Rio Grande lounge area for big screen viewing as part of your Big Apple Day. So, book early, lock in your ideal US Open stay at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View.

 US Open Tickets








Watching the World Cup in the Big Apple


New York City–specifically the borough of Queens–has been declared the most ethnically diverse community in the world! No wonder World Cup 2014 frenzy has taken over, and we can boast our local fans from 100 nations, shouting out  in 138 languages, will be among the world’s noisiest. While competitive soccer is still a sport with much growth into the future in the USA, The World’s City will be the setting for a United Nations of Soccer. Eight groups and 32 teams are competing  in Brazil.

The Holiday Inn Manhattan View wants all our guests to have the best choices possible for viewing starting  today, and we offer many suggestions so that on each day of telecasting, visitors can still enjoy their sightseeing and shopping, then join fans in a convenient pub or beer garden or local ethnic bar of their own country. You can return to us and watch from “home” at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View. We have suggestions for all over the city. Of course, our local neighborhood pubs and restaurants are a great choice.

Our very own  Rio Grande Churrassaria will be opening the patio for soccer viewing and great dining. Please check  their  Facebook page and plan to enjoy World Cup viewing and Brazilian dining with us.

Our Queens neighborhood suggestions:

    Suggestions all over in Manhattan — Brooklyn — Queens:   


When You Travel, Travel With Peace Of Mind

You’re so excited to go on vacation and so concerned about whether you packed enough, you forget to lock the back door. You don’t remember until the first day of your trip, and then spend precious relaxation time trying to get in touch with someone at home who can lock the door. That doesn’t sound like a way to relax during your stay in a New York City hotel, does it? That is why we have created this list of tips to make sure you enjoy peace of mind while you’re away.Architecture

  • The most basic thing you want to do is be sure to lock up all windows and doors. Make yourself a check list before you are stressed with packing or catching a flight of all of the doors and windows that need to be locked. Before you leave check off each one individually as you lock it.
  • Even though we hope the only people you’re communication with online are your friends, there might be internet onlookers you don’t necessarily see. You might want to reconsider posting about your trip online until after you’re home. Remember, posting about it beforehand tells people that your house or apartment will be empty!
  • Unplug all electronics. Your computer, TV, coffee pot and any other electronics should be unplugged before you leave. You might want to make a list of these items before the day of the trip and cross them off as you unplug them. More than that, you should make sure your GPS is protected with a pass code so that your home address isn’t accessible to anyone.
  • Stop your newspaper and mail delivery for the duration of your trip. Piled up newspapers and an overflowing mailbox are key indicators that no one is home and hasn’t been for a while.
  • Schedule a landscaper or a trusted neighbor to maintain the lawn while you’re gone. If your trip is only a week long, this might not be necessary, but any longer and you will want to have to have the grass cut.
  • Don’t leave your house spotless and completely vacant of life. Make it appear as though someone could be home any minute. Leave coffee mugs out on the counter and put a few lights on timers.
  • Have someone keep an eye out for your home. Even with the newspaper and mail stopped, businesses sometimes leave flyers which can say “We’re not home” if not taken down in a timely fashion. Consider having a house sitter. Hire a trusted friend to stay at your house while you’re away. This will cover many of these topics and they can also give you updates to keep you stress free on your trip.

Some of these tips are optional, and others are “must-do’s” before you travel to New York City. No matter how safe your hometown is, the truth is that bad things do happen, and we want your home to stay safe! For more great tips be sure to follow the Holiday Inn Manhattan View on Facebook!

Five New York Museums You Have To See!

New York City is known for its sports, nightlife, and hustle and bustle, but when it comes to spending time in New York, it also boasts something else worth talking about: Some of the world’s best museums. Here are five of the best you HAVE to see when you are staying in New York hotels.

The American Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural HistoryIf you like science, you need to go here. One of the most beloved museums in the world, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest and one of the most FUN. No forgets the first time they see the massive dinosaurs or the life-sized replica of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling. With 25 buildings (all connected) and over 45 exhibition halls, it is easy to spend an entire day or two here. For families especially, this museum should not be missed.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art aka The MET

Art lovers rejoice. This stately, elegant and historic location is also the largest museum in the United States. Located along Central Park and boasting over 2 million pieces in its permanent collection, this sprawling collection of art spans all of history and features some of the best pieces in the world. The history on display here is astounding! A must-visit for museum lovers.

Museum of Modern Art

Located in Midtown Manhattan, those interested in contemporary art will make this one of their essential stops. Often cited as the world’s most influential museum when it comes to modern art, it boasts a sprawling collection of photography, prints, film, sculpture, books, and much more. From Monet to Picasso, many of the most groundbreaking works of art of the last 100 years can be found here.

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim MuseumThe Guggenheim Museum is as iconic for its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building as it is for its vast collection of impressionist, modern, and contemporary art. There are other sister Guggenheim Museums in the world, but none are located in the heart of New York. Essential for modern art lovers!

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

The American experience is incomplete without the immigrant experience, and there is no better place to fully grasp the immigrant experience than on the grounds where so many entered this country. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is an educational trip through time that all those interested in America’s story should experience.

These five museums only scratch the surface. When you are looking for hotels in New York City, be sure to check for the nearest museums, too. You will be glad you did. In the meantime, come follow us 0n Facebook!

There Is No Christmas Like Christmas In New York City!

There is something special about Christmastime in New York City. There is something magic in the air. If you plan to visit New York City, there are few better times than during the holiday season. The city is glowing with even more lights than usual, there are countless things to do, and the welcoming atmosphere gives the lie to the idea that New Yorkers are a tough bunch.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

So what to do in New York during the holiday season? The answers are endless!

1) See The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Perhaps nothing better encapsulates Christmas in New York than the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, an icon of the season not just in New York, but nationwide. It has been put up every year since 1933 and overlooks the world-famous ice skating rink. If you are staying in New York City, don’t miss this!

2) Window Shop In Manhattan. The famous window displays of shops in Manhattan have not only draw millions of shoppers and revelers over the years, they have even become icons of cinema, featuring prominently in films like Miracle On 34th Street and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Macy’s, Barney’s, and other legendary stores should for sure be a stop on your holiday travels!

3) Take In The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Eight decades and running, this has been a New York City classic, featuring Santa, wooden soldiers, and the world-famous Rockettes. It’s a true American classic!

4) Broadway! Times Square and the shows of Broadway are great any time of year, but they really sing (no pun intended) during the Christmas season, when many of the best shows feature their best casts in front of enthusiastic crowds. There is no better time to be a part of the world’s Mecca for theater!

And that only scratches the surface of things to do in New York during Christmas. If you plan to take in the holiday sights and sounds of Manhattan, consider staying with us at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View, which offers Manhattan views without Manhattan prices!